I Got Into an Accident While Driving a Rental: What do I do?

If you get into a car accident while driving a rental vehicle, you should remain calm. The next step is to call 911 for medical help and to report the accident. Normally, rental vehicles, no matter how cheap they are, include basic civil liability insurance for damages. This will allow you to be free from the payment of damages to third parties, but nothing more. Therefore, it is advisable to increase coverage when you rent the vehicle, even if the price becomes more expensive. When you are in any type of car accident, it is best to speak to one of the best Phoenix accident attorneys you can find.

The Coverage

As in insuring private cars, insurance companies give the option of obtaining all-risk insurance. This extends the coverage so that in the event of an accident with the rented car, everything is covered even if you are responsible. Phoenix car accident lawyers know the law and can guide you in how to get fair compensation from the rental car insurance company.

The three insurance options when renting a car are:

  1. Comprehensive insurance: In this case, the coverage for you and your passengers will be fully covered
  2. Insurance with the franchise: Coverage reaches up to the limit established by the franchise
  3. Third-party insurance: With this, you have to pay the repair costs.

The Process

What should you do if you have an accident with the car you have rented? It is best to speak to an auto accident attorney in Phoenix after all the details have been taking care of. However, before you reach this decisive milestone, you should know that when picking up the rental car, it is important to inspect the vehicle to ensure that it does not have any scratches or bumps. Inquire, if there are any mechanical problems with the vehicle. In this way, you will avoid future problems with the rental company. In the event of an accident, the first thing to do is call the rental company. Most include a roadside assistance service, which tends to make things quite easy. It is normally specified in the rental contract itself. Then, it is important to fill in the details of the accident.

The Next Step

What happens next will depend on who assumes responsibility for the loss and the insurance you have taken out. If you are the culprit, and you have the basic insurance, the rental company can claim the material damages and personal damages that have occurred (unless you have full insurance). If the fault of the accident was not yours, then you can claim the corresponding compensation for the damages suffered. The occupants of the vehicles involved will have no problem in claiming their compensation, whether you are the responsible car in the accident or not. Seek the help of one of the Phoenix car accident attorneys.

Police Report

As has already been said, it is essential to get all the details for the other driver after the rental car accident. That part will have to be turned over to the rental company later. If any of those involved refuses to do so, the police should be called so that they can prepare the accident report. In this way, the responsibility for the claim will be clear. There are auto accident attorneys Phoenix located to assist you with the entire process.

Medical Report

Regarding the injuries caused by the accident, it is important to go to the hospital or a doctor within 72 hours after the accident. There, they will provide you with a medical report clearly specifying the diagnosis and extent of your injuries. It is also important that the discharge report of the corresponding doctor specifies any follow-up after the treatment and if any type of treatment or rehabilitation will be necessary.

Consult an Attorney

Once all the documentation has been provided, the insurer will have three months to make an offer in compensating you for your damages and consequences. If you do not agree, you can file a claim for compensation by soliciting the help of an auto accident attorney in Arizona such as Phoenix Taylor & Gomez.