Driving Safe Around a Drunk Driver: 4 Tips

In the United States, the definition of the crime of driving while intoxicated, the penalties, and the description of the charges correspond to the states. Each state decides what a driver’s blood alcohol content level is so that he or she can be classified as a safe vehicle operator.  However, while each state has the right to define both the offense of drunk driving and acceptable blood alcohol levels, the United States Congress has influenced states to adopt the same rule.

Moreover, one way to apply pressure to the government is with economic incentives for public roads. For example, states that want to receive the maximum amount of the federal highway fund must adopt a standard drunk driving rule, which presumes that any blood alcohol content above 0.08% means that the driver is too drunk to drive. Most states comply with this guideline. If not and there are accidents on the road, the job of an Arizona car accident attorney is to defend those who are victims.

What Is DUI and DWI?

In the United States, there are specific terms to classify crimes related to the operation of motor vehicles under the influence of legal or illegal substances. Each state determines its definitions, differences, charges, and penalties. An injury attorney Phoenix can provide guidance and explanation on how this works.

DUI (Driving under the influence) means driving under the influence of substances. Penalties usually range from fines to days in jail. But the penalties are light because the alcohol level is moderate, but outside the allowed limit.

DWI (Driving while intoxicated) means driving while intoxicated. They usually involve more serious crimes because the level of intoxication is higher, but there are accident lawyers Phoenix that provide legal representation.

 OWI (Operating while intoxicated) means operating a vehicle while intoxicated. If you find yourself in this category, it is best to start looking for one of the best accident lawyers in Phoenix.

How To Tell If Someone Is a Drunk Driver

If an individual drives a vehicle with blood alcohol content greater than 0.08%, or if a driver has a blood alcohol content above the threshold imposed by the state, that driver is presumed guilty of driving while impaired and intoxicated and can be arrested. However, some states also have allowable blood alcohol content levels for certain classes of drivers. The personal injury law Phoenix is quite different as in other states.

Tips to Drive Safe Around a Drunk Driver

If you are suspicious that someone is driving while drunk or impaired, you can protect yourself by being ready to go into action quickly and evasively. You should also try to keep a distance if you suspect that a vehicle is swaying or that the driver might be intoxicated. You can also pull over to the side of the road and allow the driver to pass if the person is driving behind you. If the vehicle is coming towards you with the possibility of a collision, go to the right of the vehicle and come to a complete stop, toot your horn and turn on your lights, flashing it in the direction of the oncoming vehicle.

The States

Each state makes its own rules when it comes to driving while drunk. The different states decide the blood alcohol level of the driver to make sure that they are safely operating their motor vehicle. In every state, however, that alcohol level is set at 0.08 percent. Some states allow a lower level of blood alcohol level for the driver to be considered driving while intoxicated. In fact, the limit could be at a low level of 0.04 percent in some states, especially for drivers who operate commercial vehicles. There are lower limits for those who operate a motor vehicle while they are under 21 years of age. In addition, many states allow harsher fines and penalties for higher than legal alcohol content levels.

How a Lawyer Can Help If You Get In An Accident

The most crucial time when a legal case can be greatly damaged is immediately after an accident. You should consult with a personal injury attorney who has handled drunk driving cases so that you can be informed of your rights. You will also need someone to preserve the evidence while you focus on recovering. You should contact a personal injury Phoenix like Taylor & Gomez and explain the details of your case.