Can Commercial Drivers’ Licenses be Reinstated after a DUI?

Losing your Commercial Driver’s License can be a nightmare as it would mean losing your job for a while, putting you under a sudden financial crisis. Unfortunately, most commercial drivers in Arizona normally have their licenses suspended or revoked for committing DUI offenses. However, the need to continue working to earn a living makes it important for you to have your license reinstated.

DUI laws from commercial drivers in Arizona

According to DUI laws in Arizona, a driver will have their CDL suspended if caught driving a commercial vehicle while intoxicated, with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than 0.04 percent. As a first-timer, it is crucial to know this regulation to avoid Tempe or Maricopa County DUI arrests and work conveniently to earn a living. If you are not keen on this offense, you are likely to stay out of your job for up to one year. 

Penalties for DUI in Arizona

DUI laws are taken seriously in Arizona. They are considered a class 1 misdemeanor and attracts severe penalties and fines as follows:

How do you get your license reinstated?

To get your revoked CDL restored, you must submit a Revocation Investigation Packet to the MVD using the address provided on the investigation form at the end of your revocation term. Depending on the investigation results, you will receive a permission notice to apply for the reinstatement of your license and pay a specific fee for it. During this process, you are required to be honest about your previous DUI offenses because if you don’t, MVD will still find out, and your application will be rejected.

If a license is revoked or suspended for a year, the applicant must retake all the driving tests for a new CDL and incur all necessary licensing fees.

Seek help from Tempe DUI lawyers

When your only option to earn income and provide for your family is on the verge of collapsing, consulting an experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney to prepare a winning defense for your case is essential. It’s your right to be heard, and with the right defense, all angles of your case can be explored, and a successful presentation can be made. At Taylor & Gomez Law Firm, we have developed a practical defense strategy from many years of analyzing Tempe and Maricopa DUI offenses and defending CDL holders charged with different offenses. If you’re currently facing DUI charges and need legal assistance from a qualified Arizona DUI defense attorney, you can call us on (602) 403-0212 or describe your case online, and the attorney will respond to it immediately to begin your defense.